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I just a regular gal in my 50's with a teenage daughter, husband and 2 dogs. Yes, one is a rottweiler (the other a 15lb cockapoo). So there you can't stereotype me. My rottie is a goofy, sweet dog. But, he will attack you if you enter my yard - hey its just genetic. And he especially hates teenage boys, wearing baggie pants and hoodies. I didn't train him this way, its just common sense. Who feels comfortable with teenage boys wearing baggie pants and sloppy hoodies?

I am tired of the way people bend the technicalities of the law to their advantage. On most days, I have little patience idiots. I find I am much happier when I do not watch the news, reality tv or mainstream television. What happened to common sense? I think it became Uncommon sense. I won't go on.